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Project Team
Peter Lekhakul
Senior Electrical Engineer
Mike Lehner
Associate, Senior Project Manager
Improving Safety Systems in Waterfront Facilities

As the prime consultant, we worked closely with the Port of Port Angeles' facilities team to improve systems in multiple facilities. We performed conditions assessments and developed replacement design for fire suppression and alarm systems in the Composite Manufacturing Campus buildings and grounding systems at Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 Grounding System: The Terminal 1 Pier is a wooden, fixed-pile pier originally constructed in the 1920s. We conducted a study of the existing grounding system and provided recommendations to solving issues or deficiencies. At the time, the electrical system was grounded only to the existing piping on the pier, with no true path back to earth.

Our recommendation was to upgrade the grounding system by providing a new, combination radial/loop system comprised of ground rods in a delta configuration on the upland, one continuous grounding radial feed from the upland ground delta and connected to a loop under the pier. This radial loop feed system serving a loop under the pier provides redundancy and the reliability of an effective grounding reference for the Port in the event that there is a failure at any point in the ground conductor under the pier. We designed the new system with bonding for all metallic elements of the pier including building structures, equipment, guard rails, ladders, boat ties, and cleats.

Composite Manufacturing Campus FACPs: We also performed conditions assessments and developed replacement design for Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) in the Composite Manufacturing Campus buildings, each approximately 20,000 SF. We designed three addressable FACPs with cellular communications to each building in lieu of traditional phone or radio communication. Each building is now stand-alone instead of all controlled from one FACP. The existing FACP, communicator, and remote annunciator were removed and replaced with new.