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Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


Integrated Strategies and Solutions

We stay abreast of the constant advances in ICT systems, bringing an informed and holistic service approach to developing ICT solutions from early critical planning through construction support in the field.


Early Understanding

We prioritize early identification of our client’s business drivers, technology expectations, operational performance needs, and budget requirements to establish a strong foundational program from which we can help our clients make better, more resilient decisions.


Our Services

  • Infrastructure design: incoming, campus, and site utilities; vertical and horizontal ICT infrastructure; rooftop antenna structure; high availability (mission critical) communication spaces; cable pathways; structured cable; smart building; unified grounding
  • System design and specification: electronic security, nurse-patient communication, real-time location, audiovisual room presentation systems, area of rescue, emergency two-way, communication, blue phone assistance, emergency responder radiocommunication, system (ERRCS) planning, overhead paging, synchronized clocks
  • Systems planning
  • Construction submittal review
Featured ICT Projects

ICT Projects

Washington State Department of Transportation
Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock Replacement
Oak Pavilion