Corporate Office Tenant Improvement


GM Cruise


Bellevue, WA






Fire Protection



Project Team
Mitchell Hughey
Mechanical Designer
Paul Greenwalt
Project Manager
Carly Langer
Electrical Designer
Melissa Evans
Project Assistant
Sean Bollen
President/CEO and Principal—Electrical
Minimizing Emissions with Strategic Infrastructure Reuse

This 29,000-SF tenant improvement of level two of the existing Sunset Corporate Campus Building 3 included open offices along the perimeter and enclosed offices and conference rooms in the core, along with restrooms and break and kitchenette areas. The new office supports San Francisco-based GM Cruise's expansion to the Seattle area, where about 200 engineers support the development of autonomous vehicles. Cruise is a subsidiary of General Motors.

Our scope included developing design-build criteria for branch power, lighting controls, and low-voltage communication raceways. We also provided bid documents for HVAC, plumbing, piping, and HVAC controls to extend the existing systems serving the floor.

We worked closely with our project team partners to achieve the high level of systems coordination needed to integrate lighting and architectural elements with existing electrical and mechanical systems. We successfully navigated budget and schedule constraints, as well as unexpected field conditions, while reusing as much of the existing infrastructure as possible to save the client money and minimize material and carbon emissions.

Image: Eden Photography