Enatai Elementary School Replacement


Bellevue School District


Bellevue, WA









Project Team
Sean Bollen
President/CEO and Principal—Electrical
Andy Brown
Associate, Vice President
Melissa Evans
Project Assistant
Matthew Woo
Associate, Electrical Engineering
A Beacon of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Enatai Elementary School is a state-of-the-art education facility thanks to a capital construction bond passed in early 2014 and the efforts of a dedicated project team that brought the school to life. At nearly 94,000 SF, the new two-story school is about a third again larger than the old school and makes great strides toward meeting the needs of the District’s growing student population.

We provided electrical and mechanical engineering for the demolition of the existing school and its replacement on the same site. Our electrical design featured highly efficient LED lighting throughout the school and solar photovoltaic panels rated for 99 kW on the roof. Our integrated communication and security design included telecomm, data, intrusion detection, an integrated clock/intercom system, fire alarm, and classroom A/V systems.

Our mechanical design featured a ground-source heat pump system, using the ample space beneath the playfield for a vertical geothermal loop to provide the heating and cooling to individual heat pumps with outside air recovery units serving each classroom, administrative spaces, the music room, the library, and the common areas. This helps the school achieve a low EUI of 18. Our plumbing design incorporated roof-mounted solar hot water heating panels to provide domestic hot water heating.