Level 2 Diagnostic & Treatment Renovation, Hybrid Operating Room, & Angio Suites


UW Valley Medical Center


Renton, WA






Health & Sciences

Project Team
June Mechure
Matthew Woo
Associate, Electrical Engineering
Andy Brown
Associate, Vice President
Improving Diagnostic and Treatment Services

This project added a new hybrid operating room, angio-biplane suite, and angio-cath suite, each with new equipment, equipment room, control room, and new clean storage space, and renovated an existing corridor to provide required infrastructure for the remodeled spaces.

Our electrical team coordinated closely with structural, architectural, and mechanical team members to navigate around existing in-slab conduit and ductbanks, limited above-ceiling space and ceiling-height restrictions, and seismic shear walls surrounding the remodel space to optimally locate the OR equipment and associated utilities serving the room.

Ground-penetrating radar was used to determine the existing conduit and ductbank locations and depth in the slab. With this information, our team could determine electrical infrastructure routing while also considering structural anchors for the OR equipment, the equipment’s position in the room around its isocenter, and the mechanical under slab utility trench.

Above the ceiling, we conducted a field survey of existing infrastructure and worked together to determine what could be demolished to free up space, then utilized an integrated, modular utility system to position mechanical air diffusers, the lighting grid, and provisions for equipment mounting booms while maintaining the ceiling heights required in the OR.

Another challenge was bringing utility service to the room while limiting new penetrations in the seismic shear wall around the space. We coordinated this with the existing doorway openings and notched out an opening for the utility path above the ceiling, since it could not come in below the ceiling because of infection control requirements.

This project was part of a multi-year, multi-phase series of projects to update and remodel the entire diagnostic and treatment department at Valley Medical Center.

Image: NBBJ