Loyal Heights Elementary School Modernization Commissioning


Seattle Public Schools


Seattle, WA







Project Team
Nick Baker
Principal—Mechanical and Commissioning
Shaun May
Project Manager
Mitchell Hughey
Mechanical Designer
Melissa Evans
Project Assistant
Historic Rehabilitation for the First Addition in 70 Years

Loyal Heights Elementary was originally built in 1932, and received its last addition in 1946. This 106,000-SF modernization and expansion preserved the original 38,000-SF historic structure, retrofitted and modernized the interior, and added 68,000 SF to increase school capacity to 937 students. The new two-story addition includes a 5,600-SF gymnasium, student assembly and dining area, kitchen, health clinic, multiple classrooms, and storage areas.

We provided design, construction, and warranty phase-commissioning services for mechanical, electrical, and life safety systems, per WSSP guidelines.

Systems included water source heat pumps coupled with a ground loop circuit with loop pumps and condenser dual temperature bypass, pony boiler for back up heat source and building loop circulation pumps, domestic water heater and recirculation pump, air handling units and air-cooled condensing units, fin tube convectors, unit heaters, cabinet heaters, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, roof hoods, split system air conditioning units, variable air volume units, lighting control, building automation system, irrigation controls, and utility metering.

Unique among historic renovation projects, the project included both active and passive sustainability measures to support a future net-zero energy consumption goal.

The design team received an Outstanding Design designation from Learning by Design magazine.