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Providence St. Mary Medical Center


Walla Walla, WA







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Project Team
Peter Lekhakul
Senior Electrical Engineer
Sean Bollen
President/CEO and Principal—Electrical
Paul Larson
Senior Electrical Engineer
Andy Brown
Associate, Vice President
Spencer Marshall
Project Manager
20+ Years, 3 Major Renovations, 200+ Smaller Upgrades

We have provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for three major hospital additions at the Walla Walla campus, along with more than 200 smaller projects. Key to our long-term success is our mutual investment in an infrastructure master plan that serves as a backbone and guiding principle for all upgrades. Future needs are factored into the overall infrastructure development, helping keep project complications and surprises to a minimum.

We have performed many projects, including small space reconfigurations, clinic remodels, and complex, multiphase renovations in sensitive and critical areas, as well as multiple work orders for small tasks that require submittal to local and State Department of Labor and Industries. Our completed projects include:

Birth Center Renovation: This remodel of existing space within the Women’s Center on the third floor added a new c-section room, delivery rooms, staff areas, nurse station, sterilization room, infant stabilization room, and equipment room, and modified the obstetrics surgical suite. Electrical systems in the spaces included power, lighting, fire alarm and nurse call. Mechanical systems included HVAC, plumbing and med gas.

Post-Partum Patient Rooms Remodel: This project upgraded 11 post-partum rooms on the third floor. Upgrades included lighting, telecom, power, fire alarm, nurse call, HVAC, plumbing, and med gas.

Pharmacy USP 797 Upgrade: We provided MEP modifications to upgrade the fourth floor pharmacy to be compliant with USP 797.

Kitchen Equipment Power Relocation: We upgraded the existing kitchen’s electrical system to a new optional standby power distribution, which allowed the kitchen to still operate during outages/emergency events.

Cath Lab Renovation: We provided mechanical and electrical engineering for modifications to the Cath lab at the Poplar Medical Complex Building. The scope included providing installation of new, ceiling mounted, medical gas and power; providing power and data for new fold-out workstations; relocation of an existing Pyxis machine with a larger unit; and installation of a new refrigerator.

Additional completed projects include: helipad upgrade; central services upgrade; 4th floor cardiology remodel; cancer center remodel; air handling unit replacements; emergency room, pharmacy, and outpatient surgery remodel; linear accelerator upgrade; and thermographics and electrical system assessment report.