On-Call Utilities Infrastructure Engineering


University of Oregon


Eugene, WA








Project Team
Paul Larson
Senior Electrical Engineer
Nick Baker
Principal—Mechanical and Commissioning
Sean Bollen
President/CEO and Principal—Electrical
15+ Years as UO's Utility Infrastructure Specialists

We have been supporting the University of Oregon's infrastructure and utility systems since 2006, including infrastructure backbone planning for campus growth, master planning, utility investigation and engineering support for maintenance, as well as support for utility connections to all new buildings including steam, chilled water, and electrical power distribution. Projects have included:

The new Central Power Station, which included the new chilled water plant (which reduced the University’s carbon footprint by 7%and earned over $900K in utility rebates in the first year), the new steam plant (for which we were able to creatively reuse existing steam piping and save nearly $2M in construction costs), and the co-generation plant with a 10-MW co-generation intertie to EWEB, the local utility cooperative (which saved the University more than $700,000 in the first six months of operation).

Multiple Utility Tunnel repairs and extensions that support utilities distribution from the Central Power Station through the 295-acre campus, which includes more than 100 buildings.

A Utility Infrastructure Vision and Master Plan, developed to mitigate single points of failure so the utility distribution infrastructure can reliably, safely, and flexibly serve the campus with minimal interruption of day-to-day administrative and academic operations and accommodate planned and future campus growth for the next 30 to 50 years.

Mechanical and electrical utility distribution infrastructure extensions from the Central Power Station to serve the new Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, which expands the University's research capabilities with three new four-story, 75,000-SF science buildings.