Seaway Boulevard Transit Center


Community Transit


Everett, WA








Civic & Public

Project Team
Joe Leysath
Senior Project Manager
Supporting Transportation Equity and Sustainability with a Greenroads Silver Facility

To accommodate growing ridership, Community Transit added a new transit center at Seaway Boulevard, with two island BRT bus bays with open shelters and a comfort station. The site also included bike racks and landscape buffers that separated pedestrian sidewalks areas from bus traffic.

Our electrical design included facility illumination, power systems, electronic security infrastructure, and telecommunications raceway and cables for the site, the shelters, and the comfort station. The lighting system utilized daylight harvesting at the shelters and was designed to "dark sky" standards to reduce light pollution in the area. Our mechanical design included exhaust, heating, and plumbing systems as well as roof drains for the comfort station.

The roof drains support the transit center's signature sustainability feature, a nearly 11,000-square foot stormwater detention vault. Located beneath the transit center, the vault is used to improve runoff water quality before it reenters the environment, which includes the Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary just downstream.

During construction, our proactive approach in responding to RFIs and issues on site helped the project remain on schedule and within budget.

This project received a Silver Certification from the Sustainable Transportation Board, also known as Greenroads Foundation.